Thursday, March 10, 2011

Monarchy - I Won't Let Go

This will be the last post for today, but I just have to make this one, otherwise I wont be able to sleep properly.

Monarchy, one of my absolute favourites the last year, that also show in all the posts we've made about them, are back with a new single "I Won't Let Go" featuring Rokhsan. It will be released April 11 via Moda Music with remixes of Bag Raiders, Mustang and Sam Tiba. I can also reveal a little secret, we got something going on with Bag Raiders for all our Stockholm fans...we'll keep you posted.

"I Won't Let Go" is a typical Monarchy synth pop tune, that's what they do so good. I won't let go of this one. I really long for that album to be released soon, until then:

I Won't Let Go by Monarchy


Ricardo said...

Amazing track, powerful pop rythm and melody!

hypertension said...

its chris issac wicked game .

Joe Brockhaus said...

.. first thing I thought. apparently no one else does though, hah.