Friday, June 24, 2011

CSS vs Faker

São Paulo electro-rockers CSS have just released their new single "Hits Me Like a Rock". It goes something like this:

CSS - Hits Me Like a Rock

I liked a couple of their early tracks, like "Let's Make Love and Listen to Death from Above", but even though "Hit Me..." isn't bad, it's something with CSS that makes me think that the idea or the image of them is better than the actual band. On the other hand, I'll give them the chance to change my mind with their forthcoming album "La Liberación", set for an August 29th release.

In any case I prefer their remix of Sydney's Faker's new single. It sounds a bit like Calvin Harris from a couple of years ago meets The Cure. Me Gusta.

Faker - Dangerous (CSS Remix)

It's better than the original, which is the sign of a good remix.

Dangerous (Radio Edit) by Faker Radio


Anonymous said...

Can I say that I understand your remarks about CSS...I think they came onto the scene with their first album being all about party music. Donkey wasn't really the same kind of music, but I'm so tired of people saying crap about them just based on their last album. First of all I disagree with the critics, I think there are so many good tracks on Donkey, maybe only one or two that is single worthy. Second, have you seen their live show? It's awesome. And they get a lot of credit for me from the crazy classic songs from their first album.

I am so happy to see CSS still making great music. And although I prefer the remix to "Hits Me Like A Rock" to the original that you posted, I seriously can't wait for La Liberacion. Viva CSS!!