Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tracasseur off to Berlin

Yes, we're finally coming to Germany to gig. Germany, and especially Berlin, is the center of techno music and has now invited us to do our thing at the club Wild Wedding at Brunnen70 this Saturday, June 11. So we hope that Berlin is ready for our electro-indie-house-frenchtouch-italo-synth-dance stuff. This party is a kind of mini-festival with lots of live acts and djs in different genres and it's gonna be huge. Come and dance with us!

And what could be better to post in this "Tracasseur off to Berlin" post than some of our finest German friends within "our" genre, Final DJs. They got some new stuff that they sent over lately, for example their fine bootleg remix of Swedish Adrian Lux's "Teenage Crime", that Adrian really likes a lot, along with two tracks of their own. I always say it, Final DJs do some absolutely great stuff. Fan them!

Adrian Lux - Teenage Crime (Final DJs Remix)

Final DJs - K.I.D.

Final DJs - Nightflies