Sunday, June 26, 2011

Light Asylum

From the NY area, more exactly from Brooklyn, the duo of Light Asylum have been around for a couple of years. Searching for a label, and now finally they released the 4-track EP "In Tension" earlier this year on Mexican Summer. A full-length album is to come 2012.

What is Light Asylum then, it's a dynamic duo consisting of Shannon Funchess and Bruno Coviello. And Shannon, hey, what deep voice she's got there, at first I thought it was a male synth voice until I understood it was Shannon's cool dark and special voice, love it. Mix this with synths, some Witch House, a little industrial sounds and put in the New Wave scene from the 80s and you got what Light Asylum is about, kind of...

"Dark Allies" is a personal favourite of mine and along with "A Certain Person" they are the tracks from the EP that are the strongest. "Shallow Tears" came up on some blogs already during 2010 and it's not on this EP. Buy the whole EP over at the Mexican Summer shop!

Light Asylum - A Certain Person

Light Asylum - Dark Allies

Light Asylum - Shallow Tears

Since Light Asylum are good friends with Salem, one of the most famous within the Witch House genre, it was natural to let Salem make a remix of their style of "Shallow Tears".

Light Asylum - Shallow Tears (Salem Remix)


Shok said...

I am looking forward to seeing their future. I have been digging them and spinning their music lately and with great results!