Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fear of Tigers podcast, remix contest and Digitalfoxglove remix

While it was a while ago since Fear of Tigers released some music of his own (hopefully he's making the finishing touches on his upcoming sophomore album as we speak), he has a couple of interesting side-projects. Firstly, he has set up a pretty nice-looking website (see link above). Secondly, he's been making a really cool podcast show for quite a while now. On the show he brings in some really cool and interesting guests who give interviews and exclusive first listenings on new music, while Ben Tiger gets to show off his great radio voice (he used to run a radio show you know).

The latest couple of shows have featured the likes of Futurecop!, Edwin van Cleef, Justin Faust and Alan Braxe, while we especially recommend podcast number 7 recorded in Stockholm and featuring Mille, Sound of Arrows and an interview with a certain really cool Swedish music blog. Modesty forbids us to say which one. Check out all the shows on iTunes.

As if a podcast wasn't enough Mr Tigers is having a remix contest based on his track "Adventure of Pippi Longstrump". If you think you have what it takes, download all the stems from his website and send over the finished result (preferably as a Soundcloud stream) for evaluation from the expert jury consisting of Justin Faust, Edwin van Cleef, Futurecop! and Diamond Cut. The competition is running to September 5, and all the details including download links for the stems are on his website.

This means you can probably look forward to a lot of great remixes of Fear of Tigers here on Tracasseur. Here's the first one, courtesy of Digitalfoxglove:

Fear of Tigers - The Adventures of Pippi Longstrump (Digitalfoxglove's Fearless Remix) by digitalfoxglove