Thursday, August 18, 2011

Finally, a new release from Stay Ali

Our fellow countrymen of Stay Ali have released a new EP "Koaligula" on Monsieur Adi's label Technofavrik. We always get happy when we get new stuff from these talented youngsters. This EP is quite different from their last one "Vat:Auhlau" but it's still as good.

Stay Ali are as we've said thousand times; extremely talented, have the perfect craftsmanship, know all instruments there are and have the guts to try out new stuff and do experiment with their music. You can hear it loud and clear how they know what to do to give a track it's own personality. Always as impressed of Stay Ali!

Today at Tracasseur we got this exclusive stream of the title track "Koaligula", it's only here you can find the full track in its glory. Take a listen and then head over to iTunes to get hold of the full EP.

Koaligula by Stay Ali