Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Foster the People remixed

Speaking of remix contests in the last post, American indie band Foster the People are having one too. I'm not a huge fan of the original, but then again I'm not in the target group I guess. But when people make poppy disco versions of it, it works really well. First case in point is from our fave Build. The sound buffs get the wave off his Soundcloud, while those with limited space on the HDD opt for the mp3.

Foster the People - Helena Beat (Build Remix) by build

Foster the People - Helena Beat (Build Remix) (320 kpbs)

The second case might be a little less clear; Laubfrosch's remix has some really good things in it, but also some weird harmonies between the vocals and the music, especially in the chorus. Then again, so does the music on its own, so it might be a deliberate thing to make it more quirky. I'm a bit undecided, and think the remix would benefit a lot if the vocals were slightly rearranged. That aside, it's a fun and funky disco piece worth some attention.

Foster The People - Helena Beat (Laubfrosch Remix) by laubfrosch

As a sidenote you should really listen to Mille's remix of FTP that Fear of Tigers played in the podcast I mentioned in the last post.


tgfx said...

Gosh ... Laubfrosch's Remix sounds like a Mashup which doesn't work at all. Fail :D

Anonymous said...

That Laubfrosch remix might be the worst thing I've ever heard.

Marina said...

Digging the Build remix, pretty sweet. The video for Helena Beat is really cool, too, check it:

Aditya Patel said...

Fine post..! Interesting to read.

Izzate Achu said...

Fabulous post!! I just love it..thanks for the share