Wednesday, December 28, 2011

125# x Pyramid x MEO

As one of the last posts this year with a new release, we give you this amazing EP. It's the first collaboration between these three artists, Tracasseur favourite Pyramid together with 125# and MEO. Could be one of the best and most interesting releases this year actually.

The EP "Destiny" is a 3-part story about destiny. Three visions of the same theme by three electronic music lovers makes this release into an electronic music story that should be listened to in the right order to get the right feeling. Love how they make this EP into a theme that they interpret in different ways, a conceptual album that I hope to see again from these three masterminds.

125# - Destiny Part I (320 kbps)

Pyramid - Destiny Part II (320 kbps)

MEO - Destiny Part III (320 kbps)

You get the EP here for free so to speak, but we would appreciate if you head over here and paid something for this great EP. It's your destiny! 


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