Saturday, September 22, 2012

Joypopp is back with an album + we will tell you a secret...

Dear readers, today we come with the awesomely good news that Joypopp is back and they're here to give you an album. The album is named "Addictions" and it will be released on Metrophon either October 15 or October 22. We will let you know when it gets closer.

For you who know the story of Joypopp and have had the great opportunity to be with them since their first fine track "Six to Six" from late 2009. You people also know that they started out their career with only one P in Joypopp and that they are a mysterious duo of a male producer and a female singer. You have also heard the brilliant track "Volupté" (that will be on this album) and listened to their first EP "Ecstatic". If you haven't, you have missed out on something great, but you're also lucky because then you got yourself some ear quality time ahead of you. Head over here to get updated on Joypopp: OLD GREAT TRACKS WITH JOYPOPP!

I got the new album in my hands and I can tell you that it's a really nice one. I won't tease you too much, but when it will see the public light in October it will be over flooded with lyrical comments. This is one album to remember for sure. With Joypopp classics such as already mentioned "Volupté" and beautiful "Desire" it has a lot of new classics. "Vanity" is one of them, here below we have it as an instrumental version for free download, and it's great, but on the album it comes with vocals, and it becomes even greater as you can understand.

The first single from "Addictions" is "Sensation", a slow and steady track with the amazing voice of Alix. Beautiful!

Then I mentioned something about a little secret in the headline. The duo consists of one male and one female, that you know. I think a lot of people also know that the amazing singer is Alix Hillen, but not everybody knows that she's also a great doctor. But the most hidden secret of them all and now it will be public along with this release, is that the male producer behind Joypopp is one of Tracasseur's most posted and beloved acts; Daroc. Pretty good secret I would say. Give Alix and Daroc all your kind words for their fine work with Joypopp!


Anonymous said...

I loved Volupte! Can't wait for the album.

Loopaleep said...

Great instrumental

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