Friday, September 14, 2012

She's The Queen + ODahl

As we reported earlier, one of our favourite blog colleagues, Electronic Rumors, has branched out by adding a record label to the job description. Now it's time for their second release in the form of New York electropop duo She's the Queen. The band consist of Drew Kuryloski and Emily White, and they make soulful dance-pop marinated in nu disco and dreamwave. Judging by their name, I'm guessing Drew is the one carrying all those heavy analogue synths to their gigs.

"Talk to Me" is a power-synth smoker in the mould of Diamond Cut or Fear of Tigers. Remix support comes from Lightwaves, Digitalfoxglove, Silenx, Embryonik, Jeremy Grasso and ODahl. It's good to see that ODahl is in good form, so we're proud to première his remix here.