Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Joypopp remixed

Back in November we wrote about a couple of really nice Joypopp tracks including the lovely "Volupté". The ever awesome Binary Entertainment  then had the good taste to sign up the tracks and bundle them together into the solid "Ecstatic" EP which precedes a coming album. Added to the release are remixes by Short Circuit, Sferro and Night Drugs.

Volupté by Joypopp

Nostalgic by Joypopp

Desire by Joypopp

Desire by Joypopp

Volupté (Sferro Remix) by Joypopp

Volupté (Short Circuit Remix) by Joypopp

Of three good remixes my favourite is the one by Night Drugs that makes me think of old house masters like Masters at Work.

Joypopp - Volupte (Night Drugs Remix) [Tracasseur exclusive download]

Joypopp - Six To Six

More is to come from Joypopp as an album, on Binary too, is in the pipeline. And yes, they have added an extra P to their name since the last post...