Monday, October 15, 2012

Tempogeist - Transatlantic EP

Great stuff from Shiny Disco Club. Tempogeist's new "Transantlantic EP" couples discofunkpop originals with remixes ranging from electrofunk from Prometones (the new moniker of Kido Yoji - Japan's answer to Breakbot), nu disco from Satin Jackets and house from Rogue Vogue. All in all a high quality release, not all that surprising given the line-up. It doesn't hurt that Swedish starlets Monitor 66 throws in a freebie for good measure.


Anonymous said...

Lisa Dank! Yay Seattle!
-Elixir @ The Armitage blog

Loopaleep said...

This just made my day a little less shitty. Thanks for posting. So good.

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