Friday, February 8, 2013

Body Language + Niki And The Dove

Note to self: don't ever announce a "Friday afternoon blogging assault", since of course something will come up to delay the assault. In this case the wind changed, and you don't want smoke from te smoke grenades in your face, because that means you have to wash you hair again, even if you just did it this morning. On the other hand, it's like when you start the morning with a mouthful of whisky: It's gotta be noon somewhere. And since it's four in the afternoon in São Paulo when I write this, I'm technically not late at all.

Goldroom's remix of Niki And The Dove's "Mother Protect" was one of my absolute favourites of 2011. Despite that, I have listened remarkably little to the Swedish duo. That's obviously something I have to rectify as evidenced by their recent Body Language remix. The way it unravels after a minute and a half is just beautiful. And it gets even better when Angela Bess' voice comes in moments later.

Body Language has cross-remixed everyone's favourite outro track. See, I can post other things than deephouse!