Monday, February 11, 2013

Tracasseur Guest Tape #5: Sccucci Manucci

As you know we have this monthly mixtape series going on. The word monthly is of course a totally relative and subjective term, so the fact that the last tape was released last May, doesn't make any less monthly, right? I hope you'll agree, because otherwise we'll have to change our motto for the mixtapes, and that means extra work for our in-house AD Jonny Puma.

So, to kick the series off after its little hiatus, we asked James Vorres over at cool London based label Sccucci Manucci to make a mix for us. Sccucci Manucci releases a lot of great music ranging from disco to deep house. Our mission description was just to do whatever he wanted, and James came back with a lovely deep mix that he had this to say about:

"Here’s a selection of tracks which have been making me smile, all chunky deep house cuts, with hats swinging like a married couple in the 1970’s. I think this mix is more a reflection of the sound I am putting out on the new label “Manucci’s Mistress”, a kind of raw, bass laden, bastard son of deep house. I hope you enjoy…"

I'm sure you'll do. Follow Sccucci Manucci on Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter, and keep an eye on Manucci's Mistress on their Soundcloud and Facebook.

1. Hot Toddy - Mutha Sucka (Ron Basejam remix) [Smoke n Mirrors] 
2. OOFT! - Arbitary [FOTO] 
3. Whitesquare - Bob Nostril [Aenaria Music] 
4. Milton Jackson - See The Light [Black Key] 
5. Si Ke DJs - Break Down [Freche Fruchte] 
6. Sek - These Dayz [Lost My Dog] 
7. Jack Fell Down - Road To No Where [Manucci's Mistress] 
8. Elef - Lazy Liz [Sccucci Manucci] 
9. Kris Wadsworth - Fan Mail [Hypercolour] 
10. Bicep - Don't (feat Omar Odyssey) [Aus] 
11. Greymatter - Sweat (James Welsh remix) [Wolf Music]