Friday, February 22, 2013

Gomma update: The Deadstock 33s & Moullinex

Great stuff coming out from Gomma recently. Well, recently might be a poor choice of words; it's hardly surprising they're releasing great stuff, we've known that for ages, it's just that they're doing it on a weekly basis these days.

Last week Moullinex released his beautiful "Darkest Night" from his "Flora" album as an EP (out now on Discotexas), featuring remixes from Portuguese brother in arms Xinobi and, to complete the Portuguese-German connection, a collab remix by Kris Menace and PWNDTIAC. Oh, and we're playing together with Senhor Moullinex here in Stockholm on Saturday, March 13. If that'll be half as fun as when we played with Xinobi, we're all in for a real treat.

And today Gomma released this baby: house legend Justin Robertson, aka The Deadstock 33s' very retro "Underneath the Pines" featuring remixes by Ewan Pearson and Disco Bloodbath. It all sound very mid-80's acid house, where Pearson was a huge figure in the Manchester scene which was the hub of acid house in Europe in these days, while I have to admit my favourite is Disco Bloodbath's more Chicago-sounding version that sounds like it could've been released on Trax or DJ International in '87. If you haven't already had an acid house phase, and you're the least interested in house music, you should check both of those scenes out.