Sunday, April 14, 2013

First new single from Azure Blue

He's not only our friend, he's also one of the most talented music composers in Sweden. Azure Blue is the solo project of Tobias Isaksson and with his first album "Rule of Thirds" released two years ago he rose up as a composer with that special touch composing brilliant and dreamy indie pop. The album also got the right attention when the Swedish independent grammy award, Manifest gave it the first prize for Best Pop in 2012.

Now Azure Blue is back with a new album in the coming. So it's time once again to dream ourselves away together with Azure Blue's lovely sound. The first single from the album "Beyond the Dreams There's Infinite Doubt" is the already epic "The Road I Know" that I got to listen as the first person in the world actually a couple of months ago. In this great first release Azure Blue has recruited our love Julia Vero to accompany him. And it's a smart choice because Julia's half-whispering voice really lift the track up even one more level. Once again the proof of a talented composer.