Thursday, April 18, 2013

Free mp3: Daft Punk - Get Lucky (Radio Edit) ?

So, I don't know if you've heard or not, but there is this French Kanye cover band called Daft Punk that are apparently coming out with an album pretty soon, and a new single, called "Get Lucky" even sooner. So soon, in fact, that Amazon today published the listing for it. Obviously there are a million unofficial versions and remixes out already, but can this be a crappy 128 kbps version of the actual Radio Edit? Even if the length matches Amazon's listing, and it sounds a lot like the sound-bites we've already heard (to death), there's no way to be sure. Is it really Pharrell's voice and Nile Rodgers' guitar playing? You be the judge.

We also trust you not to download this thing as you risk ending up as cell mates with Gottfrid Svartholm (he seems nice though) if you do. On the other hand, if you're really a DP fan, you'd want to buy the real deal when it gets out anyway.

(via Soundisstyle

So, what do we make of it? Is it really the best human achievement since toasting sliced bread on a rotating wheel over open fire? Well, no.

In a way it's against our principles to jump on the Daft Punk hype bandwagon, but then again it's hard to dodge one of the most hyped up releases coming up - it just becomes a hotly discussed piece of current affairs. Obviously Daft Punk are a hugely important band, but I'd say it's more because of their cultural influence rather than their musical influence. The huge feat of Daft Punk is that they managed to reach a whole new audience outside the mostly European electronic dance music fans, and that truly is a great achievement. On the other hand, it wouldn't have come about without Kanye. And although all three of their albums have been great, the first two were better than the third, so they have to reinvent themselves to stay on top. And doing funky disco the thing that will make them stay on top? I'm not too sure. For the nu disco fans of the blogging community, I think "Get Lucky" would have made more sense a couple of years ago. On the other hand, for the not yet raptured, making high-quality but mainstream cross-over R'n'B dance tracks for the American market, it's a whole lot better than the Swedish House Mafias and Guettas that we have to suffer through today.

Am I being too grumpy? Maybe, and I'd gladly be proven wrong.


[ Gs ] said...

I dont think that is real, for me is fake.

Sebastian/Arnie B said...

Yeah, we're not convinced either...

Clay Crooks said...

i believe you are full of shit. Kayne didn't do anything to make Daft Punk a popular band. They did it themselves. Kayne was lucky to be able to perform with Daft Punk. They are original and amazing artists. Every album they make will be genius and wonderful

Anonymous said...

The only thing I know is that I like this tune. Don't care if it's real or fake. :P

Anonymous said...

It's NILE rodgers and hes a guitar player not a bass player you fucking twat.

Sebastian said...

This is probably fake. Sounds editted.

Anyways who cares what the nudisco blogging community thinks when they have the whole world as their market.

What's up with linking Kanye to them? They have been doing great on their own since homework.

Anonymous said...

i think the kanye comment is a joke - lighten up people

Sebastian/Arnie B said...

Hey Anon #2! Thanks for pointing out that embarrassing piece of proof reading. The post has been duly update. And by that, you can kindly fuck off to whatever dark corner of the internet you like to pose as an internet tuffguy at. This isn't YouTube you know.

Mr. Crooks, you're of course entitled to your opinions, but saying Kanye had nothing to do with Americans learning about Daft Punk is pretty silly.

And obviously Daft Punk as a cover band to Kanye was a joke.

Anonymous said...

That's not fake its the real thing but its the radio edit not the actual song that's on the album

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