Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Grum - Everytime EP

Interesting to hear some new original material from Grum. Really defining that sunny, naïve, 80's nu disco sound around 2009-10, it was necessary for him to reinvent himself. From the sound of it, I think he has managed to do that. My guess is he's done it by listening a lot to Chris Malinchak, which of course isn't a bad thing since we all love that guy. We're not as mind-blown as from some of those old classics, but "Everything" leaves us wanting more.

The embrace of deep house, and especially the British take on it (that everyone seem to be into at the moment - included us) is emphasized by the remixer selections. Berlin's Andre Crom has made the darker nightclub version, Ejeca's remix is for the cooling down hangout on some Ibiza beach after an all-nighter, while the Mia Dora remix is somewhere in between. Great stuff all around.

"Everything EP" is out now on Heartbeats.