Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Say hello to Marlene ∞

This is our fine friend Marlene ∞. She's awesome and now she has also released her first track along with a nice video directed by another fine friend of ours Sikow (1/4 of Kate Boy).

Marlene ∞ has been in the music business for quite a while touring with some of the biggest acts in Sweden. But now it's her time to step into the limelight and be the next big act.

In "Bon Voyage" she got a really strong first tune that already got some air time on Swedish radio. The sound is a mix of the perfect pop tune along with some R'n'B vibes. You can also scent some of the commercial house sound but this is so much better in quality and have so many more flavors, for example the nice little intro.

Give it up for Marlene ∞! This is just the first thing you will see and hear from this girl...

If you want to make a remix of "Bon Voyage" you can get over to her SoundCloud and download an accapella and an instrumental version.