Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Cavaliers of Fun - Camp COF EP

We just realized we turned five years old last month. That's quite a respectable age, and yet there were no parades or gala nights in our honour, at least none that we were invited to. There were no fighter jets flying in formation, no confetti rain, and no squares or streets named after us.

I'm joking of course. As we've written many times, even if we know that there are thousands reading what we write, we are still just a couple of guys who write a couple of lines about some music we happen to like at the moment. Sometimes we play that music to other people too, but it's not that we're these rock stars or important journalists or anything. So every time we meet someone we haven't met before who say that they read our blog, or we get nice mails or comments from fans, we really appreciate it. And if a band or producer or singer writes lyrics about us, we get really honoured and humbled too.

That's one reason that we like Cavalier of Fun's new tune "Anoraak, Pegase and RAC". It's about Ricco Vitali's nostalgic memories of listening to the great synthpop and nu disco movement around the turn of the decade and how that's still a point of reference and a source of inspiration even today. An homage to his histories as he describes it.

We have fond memories of those times too, as like Ricco sings, that kind of music "was seen on Tracasseur", especially during our earlier days, and getting mentioned together with Anoraak, Pegase and RAC is a great honour. Those were all guys that we read about on blogs like Valérie that Anoraak and Pegase were part of, and that we listened to and wrote about in our turn. So we thank Ricco for the perfect birthday gift of a nice shout-out and a trip down memory lane!

There's an air of nostalgia over the whole EP "Camp COF", which isn't that strange as it draws so much inspiration from the nu italo and nu disco movement that was very nostalgic to begin with. That said, the whole EP ranges between more introverted indie pop and rock influences and the catchier part of nu disco. While we have a soft spot for "Anoraak..." for obvious reasons, "Valey of Dreams" is a favourite.

"Camp COF" is out tomorrow on Holographic People, but the video of "Anoraak, Pegase and RAC" is already live.