Tuesday, March 25, 2014

[Free download] Kings of the Universe - To Where You Are

As you may have noticed, we post a lot of dance music here on Tracasseur. Usually dance tunes are only made to make people dance and not so much to make people philosophize over the state of the universe. So other than requests for the listener to move their body in some way, which usually are more or less thinly veiled sexual suggestions, focus is more on rhythm than the content of the lyrics.

But there are exceptions to this, both of course with specific songs, especially remixes of non-dance music, but also with certain sub-genres. If one of the feet of house music stands on funk and disco music which lyrics-wise are centered around dancing and sex, the other foot stands on soul and R'n'b which usually have deeper lyrics. And just like soul and R'n'b, especially the early house music had a lot of influences from gospel which is where many of the soul divas came from. So songs about spirituality, empowerment and awareness was nothing unusual in the early days.

House connoisseurs Kings of the Universe are of course very aware of this history, so it makes perfect sense that Loffe makes an old-school house track when dealing with a loss, even if it may seem as a bit of a heavy topic for a house tune. It's a powerful song, and you can tell that it means a lot for its writer. Great stuff as usual from the guys, but this time with an added dimension, and hopefully this song can add some strength to someone else going through something tough.