Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Living on the edge

I just saw "Man on wire" a fascinating documentary about the high-wire artist Phillipe Petit, that crosses the two towers of world trade center in 1974. He says "try to live your life on the edge, make every day unique and see the beauty in it."
A wonderful actor that sadly crossed the edge of life is Heath Ledger. He disappeared from us way too early; only 28 years old. Today it is a little more than one year since he died from the unintentional overdose 22nd january 2008.
He has done some magnificent roles in: "Lords of Dogtown", "Brokeback Mountain" "Im not there" "The Dark Knight"....
but one of his tour de force roles is in the australian romantic drama "Candy" from 2006 as Dan; a bohemian poet addicted to heroin who falls in love with the artstudent Candy. Also played wonderfully by Abbie Cornish.
It is one of my faourite movies in the 2000s and you should absolutly not miss it....if you can find it.
What you can find here is the great ending theme song "Song to the siren" by the great singer/songwriter Tim Buckley


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