Thursday, February 5, 2009


Two thirds of Les Tracasseurs decided to do some clubbing on a Wednesday night in Stockholm.
So its me Benjamin and Arnie Becker starting out at KNAST, Upplandsgatan 7, a hot spot they say in some fashion magazines....Well i was there playing records about six years ago, but it has changed completely now. To the better. Some people say its the closest you can come in Stockholm to a hip Berlin bar. I guess they're right. Anyway, wunderkind Kornél Kovacs started his dj set with DAFT PUNKs "TEACHERS". What a great way to start your set....these are the lyrics:

Paul Jonson
DJ Funk
DJ Skull ?
DJ Rush
Kevin Carol
Bryan Wilson
George Clinton
Lil Louis
Ashley Beatto
Neil Landstruum
Kenny Dope
DJ Hell
Louie Vega
Carol Lexi
Dr. Dre's in the house yeah
Omega in the house
Kevin Edmonds in the house
Jeff Mills is in the house
DJ Deya
DJ Milton
DJ Slugo
DJs of the low
Green Velvet
Joey Beltram
DJ Else
Roy Davies
Boo Williams
DJ Tonka
DJ Snow
DJ Kell
Mark Dana in the house
Tom Allen's in the house
Robin Cluney's int he house
Ceevea in the house
Luke Slater
Jerry Carter
Robert Hood
Paris Mitchel
Dave Carter
Pat Melva in the house
Amanda in the house
Sir Jordan's in the house, yeah

After an hour or so, we left the place with two female Bloody Beetroots fans to see these italian djroots at Berns cellar 2.35: 1. The girls glued themselves to the dancefloor, while dozens of strong headlights completly dazzled us. It felt like someone was going to interrogate us any minute...The crowd went nuts to these italians, and surprisingly they acted as a support to the main act of the night: Steve Aoki. Im don´t know too much about Mr. Aoki but i must admit he did a nice show. He stagedived several times....thats when I said this is too much. Who does he think he is? Dj Tiesto? Guess im just jealous... Anyway it was a good Wednesday night so Les Tracasseurs gives it two fingers up!

Here are some tunes for you, no need for introduction:

Photos by Mark Hunter.


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