Friday, September 4, 2009

Breakfast at Fujasaki's

The great one-man band Fujasaki (not to be mistaken with the Japanese town of Fujisaki) from Sweden released "The Breakfast" EP last year and there were two fine videos along with that release.

Fujasaki has released two full-length albums and one EP before "The Breakfast. He has also been on several compilations and done remixes of Dibaba, Familjen and Lacrosse. As a feather in one's hat Fujasaki has done the music to the rewarded American short-film "The Wedge".

The first video for "Breakfast" was made by Emma Beckström & Lena Hegerfors.

The second video was made for "What I Look Like?" and was produced by Björn Johansson.

Here are the two tracks but also along with them two other special versions of "What I Look Like?" that are included in the compilation "Wires 6".

Fujasaki - Breakfast

Fujasaki - What I Look Like? (Original Mix)

Fujasaki - What I Look Like? (Part 1)

Fujasaki - What I Look Like? (Crusecontrole)