Sunday, September 6, 2009

Exclusive goods!

Tracasseur is going exclusive today! Exclusive together with the US-based record label Girlfriend Records that hosts such fine acts like Pelifics, Neon Workout, Le Prix, HR, Sferro and The Sweeps.

First out is a sneak preview directly from a studio in Stockholm, Sweden. Neon Workout is working on a lot of new material. This tune once again features the fine voice of HR, she was featured earlier on "Running In The Night".

Neon Workout feat. HR - Look Into My Eyes (Tracasseur Exclusive Preview)

Next out is Le Prix with this italo smelling beauty that could be featured in any cool 80's movie with fast cars.

Le Prix - Hockey Enemy Weapons Denied

The great final of exclusivities is a mix made by Neon Workout and Le Prix exclusive for Tracasseur. When the two of them work together the call themselves BMX Ninjas, and they are up to something, so keep your ears open.

Le Prix + Neon Workout - Hello We Are BMX Ninjas Mix (Tracasseur Exclusive)


Anonymous said...

WOW i really liek to hear the full thing!

Anonymous said...

Nice tracks!

I Were Drunk said...

does anyone happen to have a tracklist for the Hello We Are BMX Ninjas Mix? would really appreciate it, thnaks!

Jonas/Jonny Puma said...

I have asked for the tracklist from Neon Workout, I will get back with it.

I Were Drunk said...

that would be great, there's one track about halfway through the mix, i need to know what it is so badly!! :D

Neon Workout said...

Working on the playlist ! :)

Will post it here tomorrow :)