Saturday, September 26, 2009

M4 Part I & II

Fantastic Faunts from Canada. They have been an apple of my ears for quite a while now. They were kind of an unknown indie rock band from Edmonton for several years. But in 2006 they released the EP "M4" and the song "M4 Part II" was included as the ending credits of the famous video game "Mass Effect". Since then they have grown in popularity and they released their third full-length album "Feel.Love.Thinking.Of" in February.

But still they are quite unknown and unheard by the people of the world, therefore I will introduce you to them and their amazing sound. Their sound is dreamy, dramatic and powerful. Why I post indie rock on Tracasseur it's because of the great remixes made out of the M4-songs that are included on the great remix record "Faunts Remixed". But the original songs are fantastic music so I can't resist posting them also.

Faunts - M4 Part I

Faunts - M4 Part I (DVAS Macho Mix)

Faunts - M4 Part II

Faunts - M4 Part II (The Paronomasiac Remix)

Also check out the cool video for "M4 Part II" with fighting crabs!


caisa said...

You can create your own mix @ Point Blank Music Machine! It's fun, easy and FREE!


thestarryeyed said...

I love M4 Part 1 and Part 2!

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