Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver

Yay, first Discotexas post of the year! Today Portugal's best label release their first EP of the year - Helsinki duo Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver's "Diamonda" EP. In my best of 2011 list I wrote about Hannelulauri that the Finns are great at mixing disco with progressive house, and gave a few examples. Actually, another example I was thinking of were these guys. There simply are no other people, except the Big French guys, who can make progressive house so fresh and, well, so not cheesy. See for yourself:

DT018 - Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver - Diamonda by Discotexas

So what are my picks? I have to say the 'B-side', "Opal", edges out the original slightly, and that it's good to see our friends Xinobi and Justin Faust being in excellent form. That doesn't mean that I don't like the Bright Shades remix though.

Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver - Opal (Original Mix) by Discotexas

Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver - Diamonda (Xinobi Remix) by Discotexas

Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver - Diamonda (Justin Faust Remix) by Discotexas

I have no idea why they're giving away this one for free, cause it's great. Just say thanks and download it.

Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver - 22 (FREE DOWNLOAD) by Discotexas


More Finnish progressive disco in the form of Top Billin act Helsinki 78-82 and their cover of Lifelike's classic "So Electric".

Helsinki 78-82 - So Lifelike feat. Villa Nah (Radio Edit) (192 kbps)


princeofthecity said...

omg that helsinki 78-82 track is a gem!