Friday, January 13, 2012

The Rapture - Sail Away remixes

DFA released streams of upcoming The Rapture remix EP "Sail Away". Originally supposed to be released in December, the new date is January 17. That means you have four days to decide which of the remixes by Aeroplane, Cosmic Kids and Cut Copy is your favourite. I'm voting Cut Copy I think - sorry for being harsh on your album guys, you know I'll always love you!!! :'(

The Rapture - Sail Away (Aeroplane Remix) by DFA Records

The Rapture - Sail Away (Cosmic Kids Remix) by DFA Records

The Rapture - Sail Away (Cut Copy Remix) by DFA Records


In case you haven't grown tired of The Rapture's epic "How Deep Is Your Love" (I know I haven't), here's a nice remix by Pat Lok and Cyclist.

The Rapture - How Deep Is Your Love? (Cyclist + Pat Lok Remix)
(320 kbps)

EDIT: We weren't the only ones who liked this particular remix. It actually won DFA's remix contest - out of 149 entries. Congrats to Pat Lok and Cyclist!