Monday, January 9, 2012

Gin Joints

This is a post I've been wanting to write for a while now, but our Best of lists took up all our time and we wanted them be up a bit longer in the top than our regular posts. But now it's time for our Swedish friend Gin Joints.

From the northern parts of Sweden, with his background in hip hop, he now has turned his vision into the more funky 80's disco. "For Tonight" is his second release, and it's as solid so that even Aeroplane featured the Neon Workout remix in his December mixtape. Gin Joints has got a lot of great words out there regarding his first two releases and hopefully he will continue releasing nice funky vibes.

Teq05 A1 Gin Joints - For Tonight by Discotheque ála Carte

Teq05 B2 Gin Joints - For Tonight Neon Workout Remix by Discotheque ála Carte

Teq05 B1 Gin Joints - Should Have by Discotheque ála Carte

Teq05 B1 Gin Joints - Should Have by Discotheque ála Carte

A1 Gin Joints - Know The Ledge by Discotheque ála Carte

Buy the "For Tonight" release here and his first release "Know The Ledge" here. And then as a final bonus we must share the Aeroplane mixtape that featured Gin Joints / Neon Workout along with a bunch of other fine tunes. (Tracklist in the comments.)

Aeroplane December 2011 Mix by Aeroplane (Official)


Jonas/Jonny Puma said...


1. Principle of Geometry - LA (Joakim Edit)
2. David August - You gotta Love Me
3. Lana Del Rey - Born To Die (Leo Zero Remix)
4. Clock Opera - Once And For All (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
5. Gin Joints - For Tonight (Neon Workout remix)
6. Douglas Greed - Krautpolka
7. Rosen Claes - Into the bloom (Luiz B remix)
8. Odyssey - Going Back to My Roots (Faze Action remix)
9. Yacht - I Walked Alone (Jacques Renault remix)
10. Surrender - Conflicted