Sunday, January 22, 2012

Straight out of Norway: Philco Fiction

Discovered this Norwegian trio today and what could be more perfect than to find a group like Philco Fiction on a snowy Sunday.

Amazingly beautiful arranged tracks along with the spellbinding vocals from Turid Solberg make Philco Fiction into something mysterious and inspiring. I can hear lots of other acts in them, but still they do their own thing in-between dreamy ballads to 80s popish tracks. This band could easily be one of my best findings this year.

Philco Fiction released a full-length album last year in "Take It Personal" (listen on Spotify) and how it could avoid my radar being this good is surprisingly bad of me, but I hope I will make some compensation by showing Philco Fiction to you on this perfect Sunday.

Philco Fiction - Portait Of Silence by Brilliance Records

Philco Fiction - Finally by Brilliance Records

Philco Fiction - Help! by Brilliance Records

Help! (Bartin Remix) by Brilliance Records

Philco Fiction - Horizon by