Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Electronic Rumors Volume 1

Our colleague Clive over at Electronic Rumors is branching out by releasing a compilation next week, aptly called Volume 1. You see a lot of blogs crossing over to "the other side" (I wouldn't call it dark side though), with French Express and Binary being recent and illustrious examples. It's a pretty natural step in a way; you get a lot of unsigned music sent to you, and you could easily, with your (hopefully) great music taste, pick out a few favourites, and ask a few contacts you've (hopefully) made to pitch in. That said, of course there's a lot of work with a release like this, so we take our hats off for "Crash" for making this happen.

So, is it any good? Well, how about Diamond Cut remixing Fear of Tigers? Ride the Universe featuring Jane Hanley from Kids at Midnight? Cosmonaut Gretchko, Ronika, Queen of Hearts remixed by StardonE, Beaumont, Short Circuit remixed by NightWaves?

The list goes on, so you realize it's pretty obvious it is pretty darn good. You'll get a feel for it through Ride the Universe's minimix of the release:

Both the digital and cd release is Monday, February 13 on Ninth Wave Records, but if you're in London on Friday you have the chance to celebrate the release at the free release party hosted by Human Error at 93 Feet East in Brick Lane. Here's the flyer:


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