Monday, December 10, 2012

Ellie Goulding + Toyboy & Robin

As you know we've been big fans of Ellie Goulding for a long time, both for making great music of her own, but not least for a knack of finding the right people to remix her music. I'm thinking of Monsieur Adi's remix of "Starry Eyed", which was my favourite song of 2010 for example. Destined to be another favourite is this remix of her new single "Figure 8" by Toyboy & Robin, a duo that has to be one of the fastest rising UK house acts at the moment.

During the autumn, while I've been meaning to write about these guys, their Soundcloud followers have doubled several times, and deservedly so. Or how about this track released on the super cool Sccucci Manucci label?

Or these two gems that they've been giving away for free? I've been using both in our sets, and both really keep the floor moving.