Thursday, December 13, 2012

Three tracks that maybe have slipped under your radar?!

I've been onto them a while but they are most worthy to share with you in case they have slipped you by. Not so hard if they've done that when we see like 1 billion tracks released every day, some tracks can then easy slip you by.

First out is this tropical masterpiece from Air Zaïre. The track had reached to many downloads over at his SoundCloud, but he was so kind to let us share the tune with you in 320 kbps. Thank you Air Zaïre!

Air Zaïre - Play (320 kbps)

Next out is German based Doctor Dru with this awesome semi-deep house tune "2 Know U".

Third track that may have slipped under your radar is "What Would She do?" from Nine Lives. Deep, melodic, soulful vocals and also with some synths in the end.


dislokated said...

'Play' is magical.