Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hermansen from F.O.O.L releases beautiful EP

Rasmus Hermansen is one part of the Swedish electro duo F.O.O.L. With F.O.O.L he releases hard electro and they have been conquering the world the last years.

Hermansen is Rasmus' side project together with his brother. With this project he wants to explore other genres and sounds and by doing this he has created a beautiful 4-track EP that got hold of me right away. Very nice to see Rasmus' diversity in music. Another nice thing, is that he always will be releasing Hermansen stuff for free. Download the whole EP here.

"Deeps" is my fave of the EP, really loving it! "Temper" has got some of the hard stuff as with F.O.O.L., but it never explodes into something hard, instead it keeps the piano working. While "Flashwork" is a quiet guitar tune. Thank you Rasmus for this wonderful side project!