Thursday, March 28, 2013

A new label is born by Under Bron

To the Stockholm crowd, Under Bron (Under the Bridge)is one of the best nightclubs in town playing the best music every weekend. The club is a kind of reaction against the lame clubs of the city centre of Stockholm playing boring and well expected commercial house music. At Under Bron you will always get in touch with the most interesting and sort of underground house and techno stuff. In some way you always end up dancing when you are there, mostly because of the great choice of djs and music.

So it's with great joy the news came to us that Under Bron is starting their own record label, simply named Under Bron Recordings. With the label they want to show what music you can expect to hear at Under Bron and also to help some of the talented producers who play at Under Bron to get out to the people of the world.

The first release to come out of the label will be WRD, known from releasing material before on Force Majeure. WRD is making this quirky and interesting deep house that has so many layers of sounds and things going on. Love it!

The release will hold two tracks from WRD including one remix from Delroy Edwards. One of the tracks is "Sounds in the Grass" and you can see and hear it here below.

Thank you Under Bron for this fantastic idea to start a record label and release fantastic music!