Monday, March 25, 2013

Stuffa - Levitate EP

Ever heard of Stuffa? If you're a fan of garage and deep house, and Swedish garage and deep house in particular, you probably have. If you've been to this blog before you should know of DJ Nibc, who runs the Trunkfunk label, and who made an awesome Guest Tape for us, as well as one of our favourite tracks last year. You should also have heard of Jonas Rathsman, who have been lightening up the house sky over the last couple of years, and who also made a couple of our favourite tracks of last year. Together the two Gothenburg producers form Stuffa (which roughly translates to 'get down' [to music]), and they have an awesome-sounding EP coming out on Trunkfunk April 4. If you're near the Swedish west coast  on Friday, swing by the release party for the EP, and give the guys high-fives for a job very well done!