Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sat 16.3: Moullinex + Richard Rossa + Tracasseur

More club night plugging, but this time because where in it ourselves. This Saturday (March 16) one of our favourite disco producers, Moullinex, will be playing here in the Venice of the North, and obviously I'm talking about Stockholm when I use that term (take that Giethoorn!). We covered Moullinex's latest single on Gomma just a couple of weeks ago, but you should really check out his album "Flora" that we mentioned then. Me and Jonny have been bickering about which track is the best, and as good music taste as Jonny has, mine is of course a tiny bit better, so the correct answer is that the title track "Flora" narrowly edges out the latest single "Darkest Night".

Even if it's a pretty hipster thing to say, I've listened to Moullinex since before he started spelling his name with two L:s. Around 2008 I discovered Cut Copy, and their "Lights and Music" was a big hit with lots of great remixes. One of the best was by someone named Moulinex, and what you do when you like a remix is scouring the internets for everything made by the remixer, and then you find out about a lot of great music by checking out who else your new favourite has collaborated with. The sound on this remix is very typical of early Moullinex (and of Portuguese and Discotexas brother in arms Xinobi), with it's retro synths and crickety electro house sound. Mind you, this is from the height of the French electro sound of all the Justice clones, and in the beginning of the nu italo wave. Even if it sounds very 2008, it still have a special place in my heart.

As if Moullinex isn't enough, and to complete the Gomma connection, we're joined on the line-up by the king of Swedish kraut disco, Richard Rossa, playing live! We're expecting a show worthy the rock star that he is, but instead of half a dozen costume changes, he'll be changing analogue synths.

And as always, it will be a pleasure to play with Pelle Höök and the Loaded crew. Click attending on the Facebook event, and we'll see you Saturday!