Monday, May 27, 2013

Exclusive: Sally Shapiro + Young Galaxy & Bonus: Sally Shapiro + Mauvais Cliché

We have this exclusive remix for you from Sally Shapiro and Young Galaxy. Tomorrow Sally Shapiro and Paper Bag Records will release the remix album "Elsewhere" that is based on the album "Somewhere Else" released earlier this year.

Canadian Young Galaxy that not long ago released their long awaited album "Ultramarine" has put their teeth into Sally Shapiro's "What Can I Do". A sweet tune that we dig!

As a bonus we also want to show you the remix, also included on the album, from Mauvais Cliché. A remix that caught our attention when adding that 90s vibe to Sally Shapiro. Sweet!

Buy the release over at Juno and if you want a signed copy head over here, before the 200 signed copies will be sold out.