Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Techno pop Québécois

We posted the remix of French-Canadian singer/songwriter Coeur de Pirate's "Comme des Enfants" by fellow Québéqoises Le Matos a while back. Now Mademoiselle Pirate has returned Le Matos' favour by appearing on the new Le Matos track, another beautiful techno pop track:

Le Matos feat. Coeur De Pirate - How Do I Let You Know?

The first track I heard with Le Matos was their banging remix of Canadian (you guessed it!) rap group Omnikrom which surfaced eons ago by blog standards. I'm talking like 2007. You can really hear how their sound have changed from then.

Omnikrom - Prend Une Photo Avec Moi (Le Matos Mauviette Remix)

Here's more of Le Matos' trademark mix of techno, pop and nu italo (this one more towards melodic techno):

Le Matos - Quiet Earth

My favourite Le Matos has otherwise been the remix of this Numéro# track...

Numéro# - Star Modèle (Le Matos Poindexter Remix)

...which also has been remixed by Parisian techno DJ Don Rimini, who played in Stockholm a couple of weeks back.

Numéro# - Star Modèle (Don Rimini Remix)


PD Williams said...

How Do I Let You Know... ah so good!