Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Edwin Van Cleef!

So, we played some records out yesterday night. I finished off with a track from Edwin Van Cleef, whose tracks always set off a venue in the right party mood. When I came home and turned on the computer I saw two new tracks from one of Leeds' finest (GRUM is the other one) had hit the blogs the same evening. Maybe more of a coincidence than proof that God exists perhaps, but I was really happy since I've been waiting for some new EVC for a while now. Then again, I'm always waiting for new stuff from him..

As for the tracks, they're great electro/synth house with a nice 80's feel as always. Excellent for the dancefloor, but with beautiful melodies as well.

Edwin Van Cleef - Overtaken

ProCon - Delia (Edwin Van Cleef Remix)
(Remix of Canadians ProCon)

Bonus (some classic EVC):

Edwin Van Cleef - Lovin'

Edwin Van Cleef - All I Have To Offer

GRUM - Heartbeats (Edwin Van Cleef Remix)