Sunday, March 22, 2009

Testarossa from Sweden

You can at all times trust the Swedish act Testarossa. He always comes up with great songs and remixes. It’s catchy tunes in-between the Italo Disco and Electro. You want to move on the dance floor when you hear the fine beats.

Testarossa is based in Stockholm, but for a couple of years he was djing in lots of clubs in Barcelona. Now, however, he is back in Stockholm and focuses more on his own music. But still he’s into the dj thing. On April 18th it’s the premiere of his new club “Discow Moscow” at Knast here in Stockholm. If you are a big fan of analog synths, funky hi-hats and cowbells, it’s the right club for you! Testarossa is a big devotee of the italo-punk-dub-disco thing and the club will be totally dedicated to that.

Testarossa has co-operated with Headman and released a remix of “Catch Me If You Can” on Gomma Records. He has some on-going projects with Kompakt and is also waiting to get the song “Monte Carlo” released on the Italian label Dead Elite Records. Therefore we are extra happy to share a version of that song with you guys. It’s a real pearl!

Testarossa – Monte Carlo (Dazed Dub)

Testarossa – Gino

Testarossa – Tiger Dance

Testarossa – Italo Gizmo

Headman – Catch Me If You Can (Testarossa Remix)

DID – Time For Shopping (Testarossa Remix)

DID – Time For Shopping (Testarossa Dub)

Broder Daniel – Luke Skywalker (Testarossa Edit)


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