Friday, March 20, 2009

Disco Paulistano

Since I'm a bit slow, I haven't figured out how to make GIFs work on our site until now. But now that I have, I'm only going to post about people with cool/wacky animated logos. Chances are our legal department is going to force us to post an epilepsy warning in the right-hand column...

Database from São Paulo, Brazil not only have wacky GIFs, they also produce outlandish disco music to go with them. Somewhere between disco, filter house and electro you get that sweaty carnival feel from their music.


Database - ReaIce

Database - Dance Like 107

Database & Midnight Martyn - Party People

Phyllis Hyman - This Feeling Must Be Love (Database Ugly Edit Re-edit)
Also called: Database – Must Be Love

Jo Mistinguett - Personal Fuck (Database Remix)

Scenario Rock - Both Gotta Move On (Database Remix)