Saturday, April 11, 2009

Detektivbyrån, not like everybody else...

The Swedish band Detektivbyrån (in English: the detective bureau) is a different and interesting band based in Gothenburg nowadays, but originally from Karlstad. Their debut album “Wermland” was released in September 2008, before that they have released a compilation of earlier music named “E18 Album” and the EP “Hemvägen”.

The description of their music is not that easy, but if you mix together a children’s show on TV, a funny circus and Swedish music tradition spiced with some electric vibes, you’re are somewhere near the atmosphere that Detektivbyrån offer. They could be compared with bands such as Monster & Maskiner, Hansson & Karlsson and of course with Yann Tiersen who made the music to “Amelie from Montmartre”.

Even you could compare Detektivbyrån with other acts, they are unique and always experimenting with the music and new “instruments”. On “Wermland” they are for example using shoes, pens and a scissor as “instruments”. They say that if they try out ten different new things that they could use in a song, nine of ten are crap but one could be great.

If you want to catch these guys live, you could either visit Poesifestivalen in Trollhättan April 25th or Debaser Medis in Stockholm May 20th. Otherwise you can see them on these festivals in Sweden this summer; Arvikafestivalen, Putte i Parken or Emmabodafestivalen.

Detektivbyrån – Life / Universe

Detektivbyrån – Dansbanan

Detektivbyrån – E18

Detektivbyrån – Om Du Möter Varg

Detektivbyrån – Lyckans Undulat

Detektivbyrån - Neonland