Monday, April 20, 2009

Multinational Sandi Sirocco

This fresh band Sandi Sirocco formed as recently as early 2009 in London. Even if they have their base in London, the group consists of members with different origins. They comprise of two lead vocalists, the half Spaniard Noah Dias-Rubez and the Russian-Ukrainian Sandra Shimko. Along with these two vocalists Sandra’s stepbrother Lash Angelizvili from Georgia and the Scottish producer Johnston Sheard forms the band.

Their music has the touch of disco, flavoured with the modern electronic freshness. You can hear influences from Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), ABBA, Blondie and Giorgio Moroder.

The song “Dancing Dancing Dancing” was written with inspiration from a rich Hungarian with seasickness that harassed both Noah and Johnston on a Croatian boat-cruise a couple of summers ago.

The band is still unsigned, but the question is for how long? We believe it’s only a matter of time…

Sandi Sirocco – Dancing (Extended Version) (Removed by request)

Sandi Sirocco – The Knight In Panther's Skin (Removed by request)

Sandi Sirocco – Vanity & Shame (Removed by request)