Monday, April 27, 2009

Thermostatic for you!

This band is not new to me, but maybe new for friends of Tracasseur outside Sweden. Therefore I think it’s the right time to introduce the Swedish band Thermostatic for you!

From the second largest city, Gothenburg. Five members. Originally founded in 2003. Signed by Swedish indie label Wonderland Records in 2005. Became Best Newcomer in 2005 at SAMA (Scandinavian Alternative Music Awards). Have released two full-length albums and a couple of EP:s. Their latest release “Humanizer” was released in 2008 and contains plenty of nice tunes.

The music is inspired of italo and the eighties, with a blippy sound from the C64 and early Nintendo computer games with strong influences of modern electro, combined with sweet vocals by Louise “Vox” Marchione. If you should compare them with other acts, names such as Ladytron, Miss Kittin and Universal Poplab lies close at hand.

If you want to catch them during a live show, they are playing at Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg May 1st. And further on at Midsommarfestivalen in Emmaboda June 19th.

Thermostatic – Driving

Thermostatic – The Box

Thermostatic –So Close So Near

Thermostatic – Make Believe


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