Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ghosts and Vampires!

Well two thirds of Les Tracasseurs are gone to Romania to support DW at their live-gig. But I'm still here in Stockholm so I can come to my friend Sean Rogg's art exhibition at Kleerup gallery tomorrow. And besides, I heard that they are going to Transylvania, the heart of count Dracula´s hometown. Hope they brought lots of garlic...

Anyway, it means I have to be more active this week and I start by writing about The Black Ghosts. They are two guys from London doing music that is a mix of pop and electro on the legendary label Southern Fried Records. On their myspace page they just call themselves Ghost 1 and Ghost 2...They had some modest success with the song "Full Moon" featured in the movie "Twilight". More vampires...

Here are my favourite songs and remixes with these ghosts. Also check out their music video for "Someway through this" It's really a favourite song of mine and the video is amazing. You can buy their album "The Black Ghosts" here.


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