Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Return of Tracasseur to Elektrana Stage 2011 Mixtape

Yes, it's true, we will come back this year again, to the stage where we had a blast last year. We're talking about one of the biggest and best festivals around, The Exit Festival in Novi-Sad, Serbia. And the best stage there, is The Elektrana Stage, ran by some awesome people that also got this Radio Elektrana, where we've been showcasing monthly mixtapes.

This mixtape is the latest one we've made and it's a mixtape to celebrate our return to Elektrana Stage 2011. This is how it could sound when we rock the stage, see ya there!!! And of course more to come when the festival gets closer...

Tracasseur - The Return of Tracasseur to Elektrana Stage 2011 Mixtape

1. Here We Are - Be With Me (Nighty Max Remix)
2. Vitalic - Second Lives
3. Midnight Juggernauts - Into the Galaxy (DerDieDas Remix)
4. Aeroplane - My Enemy (Rex the Dog Remix)
5. Pacific! feat. El Perro Del Mar - Unspoken (Moonlight Matters Remix)
6. Johan Agebjörn feat. Le Prix & Lake Heartbeat - Watch The World Go By
7. Justin Faust - Sloppy Chic (Bestrack Remix)
8. Delphic - This Momentary (Le Matos Remix)
9. Cicada - Beautiful (Mr. Miyagi Remix)
10. FUKKK OFFF - Rock, Paper, Scissors
11. Crookers feat. Yelle - Cooler Couleur (Junkie XL Remix Jesse's Bootleg Edit 2)
12. Teenage Bad Girl - Ghost House
13. Subdue - Horizon (Bestrack Remix)
14. Moderat - Les Grandes Marches (MMMatthias Remix)


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