Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tonight in Stockholm!

It's time for the second Virgin Ears at Debaser Medis. This time we're proud to offer the good citizens of Stockholm two amazing bookings in our dream booking Bag Raiders from Australia and the hyped Canadian trio Young Empires. This will be a night for the books!

We were so happy when we managed to catch these two acts while touring Europe. Sweden should be extra happy because it's the premiere for both of the bands to gig on Swedish soil. We actually stole the premiere for Bag Raiders from the big Emmaboda festival later this summer. Something we are extra proud for of course!

All of you probably know everything about these bands already but for you who doesn't, some short information.

"Shooting Stars" from 2009 is already a modern classic and earlier this year they released their self-titled album. You can describe their music as a mix of everything of the best you've heard, it's twisted electro pop, funky basslines, house beats, italo piano and good old nu disco, and it's called Bag Raiders. Damn good and probably one of the best bookings to come to Sweden this year. Hopefully we will also get this sing-along of "Shooting Stars" tonight:

Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars

Bag Raiders - Way Back Home

Bag Raiders - Snake Charmer

The electro-punk-trio from Canada had a huge 2010. We were among the first blogs to ever write about these guys and after short amount of time its kind of exploded for them. A tour in the UK during last summer continued with a gig in Bogota, Colombia with Jamiroquai and then they were the supporting act for Chromeo on their Canadian tour. Also add that their latest release was in the Kitsuné 10 compilation, a proof of being the next big thing. That you really can't stand still while listening to them is also a good proof.

Young Empires - White Doves

Young Empires - Rain of Gold

Young Empires - Glory of the Night

Besides the bands playing live we will of course entertain the dance floor like we always do, in style! Along with our friends of La Petite Putain and Daniel Odelstad.

If you are a Stockholmer, you can't miss out on this one, because then you will get the red card for life...


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