Saturday, June 9, 2012

HEMO Djs + Goldroom

Helsinki based duo of HEMO Djs have made a remix of Goldroom's beautiful "Fifteen", where we hear the gorgeous voice of Chela. When Goldroom gave away "Fifteen" for free kindly a month ago, we got to hear a new sweet side of Goldroom, that makes him even wider as an artist.

HEMO Djs, that we've not written about properly yet, we have just posted a great Yelle remix they made. So this is the first time we write some lines about them and tell you that they are this Finnish duo consisting of Alvar Tallskog and Otto-Wille Koste. Today we give you another great remix they've made, and it's free download! Keep these remixes coming our way guys!

Also post the original Goldroom track again, if you've missed it, that is a modern pearl and also a freebie.