Thursday, June 21, 2012

The summer track of 2012?

Got a tip the other week from a friend about his friend making music under the name Orion. I took a listen and watched the video for his debut single "In The End" and after the first play, I played it again and again and again...

Swedish Orion has probably made the summer track of 2012 with this sweet danceable pop track. I can hear some Kleerup vibes in it and also some parables with Adrian Lux and similar. "In The End" got some wonderful vocals from Malin Gustavsson and if Orion can follow up on this first "hit" he will probably hit it off real big.

"In The End" is available on iTunes and Spotify, unfortunately only the Swedish ones so far.

Here's the video shot in New York, directed by Jacob Hägg.


Anonymous said...

Makes me think about the Child of Eden OST main track :

Anonymous said...

Dreamwave... where have you been?!